Monday, 31 May 2010


Last friday we've headed to the Kung's Street Music Concert outside Hong Kong Art Center, and have discovered a real cool band from Vancouver, Canada called DD/MM/YYYY.

It's a 5-piece art rock/experimental band with a guitarist/vocal, a bassist, a synthesizer guy, a percussionist and a drummer. Their sound is actually pretty unique, with massive creative rhythms and arrangements. It's real interesting to see how the drummer and the percussionist, who only have a snare and a hi-hat, experiment and co-operate to work out some real cool rhythm. It's definitely not some easy-listening stuff but for sure we've got so inspired by their music. We've found it so interesting how their music had triggered our minds to start to think. What a brilliant and energetic live performance they've offered. So after checking them out at the Street Music Concert, we've even gone to the Cavern on the same night to check them out once more.

If you're into creative and experimental indie sounds which push to the limit, DD/MM/YYYY is definitely a band that you shouldn't miss.

DD/MM/YYYY: Black Square

DD/MM/YYYY myspace site

Monday, 24 May 2010

RTHK Interview

Last saturday we've headed to RTHK for an interview about our upcoming performance at Le French May. Alongside with the Love Da Record personnels Sanchun and James, we've been having some nice time chatting with Leung Dont, as well as played an acoustic version of Number One at the studio.

The radio show is called "ε››ζ‰‹δΊ‚ε½ˆ" and will be played at RTHK2 from 20:00 to 21:00.