Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sharing the stage with te'

We're having a very good lesson last saturday (27/2), while sharing the stage with te', an instrumental rock band from Japan that we always look up to. To be frank, we're not doing a superb job that night, with accidents kept happening, such as the hi-hat went off, and the electricity of the guitar effect board suddenly went off. We know we can't just say "O bad luck" then have everything blamed to "luck".

When it came to the te' set, we realised what it's called a proper "production". te' is not only a band with 4 but 6 members. The complete sound of te' can only be created with the performance of the 4 band members, plus the taste imported by the sound engineer and the aid of the roadie on stage, according to the sound engineer of te', Kentaro Sasaki from Zankyo Record (残響). This is really impressive, and also let us realise how professionals produce their show.

After the gig, we went out for a drink with Kentaro-san, the sound engineer of te', and we've talked for hours about issues from sound engineering to live production, from how the Japanese indie music culture has been developed to how we should market Chochukmo. Kentaro-san kindly shared with us a lot of his ideas, comments and suggestions, which we're so impressed. He's made us realised the "professionalism" of a band, which is much beyond what we're already having in mind.

We'd like to thank SONIC BLOOM for offering us such a great opportunity to play with great bands like WangWen and te'. We're having a great time on stage as well as off stage, and we've learnt so much, so much more than we've ever expected.

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