Saturday, 3 April 2010

Feel like I was right next to you

I used to google "CHOCHUKMO" regularly, not for ego-searching, but mostly for any released review, press, or comments. But what interested me the most are, the different blogs of strangers that talks about Chochukmo. Well, it might sound freaky but when i wasn't too busy, I would clicked into those blogs to see what they were talking about. And this is how I've been reading many different touching stories.

"A girl spent her lonely valentine's day with 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 TO YOU. Another girl doing her final sprint on her revision the night before her exam, with the cheering of HEAD TO TOE. A guy/girl who feel his/her peace when he/she's listening to TILL LATE NO MAY. And more."

All those stories might sound ordinary, might sound routine or not special at all. But to me, all those stories are touching. I did feel like i was next to them, sharing those particular moments. We didn't really know each others, but because of the music, we're somehow connected. It's a connection which goes beyond time and space. It's a bonding among us which is precious. This is the music I always love to write, the music that can actually talk to people, and connect with people.

Mike "not the annoying" Orange

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