Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Busy days!

It's been some busy days lately for us, with couple of things happening at the same time. Well, getting busy is good, which means we didn't have any time wasted.

We've recently been having some shooting with CNNGO TV, of a video about Hong Kong, while the whole series would include quite a number of cities, namely Tokyo and Shanghai, and more. This series of episodes are gonna look at different cities with the perspectives of different local people, maybe artists, or musicians etc, so it'd be a bit different from those travel programmes which mainly features the "already-known" side of the cities. We're glad that we're lucky enough to have been featured in the Hong Kong episode, to tell people about our homeland thru our words and perspectives. We don't know when it'll be launched, but as soon as we know the date we'll have the link posted here for sure. By the way, the CNNGO TV crews are gonna drop by at the Street Music Concert 15 this Friday to have some more footage shot.

Besides the shooting, we've been busying with the preparation of our upcoming China Tour, which is gonna happen just a month later. Time is tight and there are a lot of things we haven't done, such as booking tickets, designing stickers, posters, lots of promotions etc. Moreover, coming up with a 45+ mins full set list isn't an easy task, we've trying our best to come up with our best set. And on this coming Friday, we're gonna have a try of our new full-length set list at the Street Music Concert 15 outside Hong Kong Arts Centre. It's gonna happen at 18:30 and it's FREE. If you have time, please drop by and give us a little support!

Well it's time to get back to work.

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