Tuesday, 4 November 2008

time is running out

we are recording hard... ...we added so much "oil" into our machine. 
i used to be lazy and irresponsible but i remember yan said to me, "when everyone is running towards the dream that we shared, how can you be the one who is slow."

seeing mike, kitty, les putting so much effort into it, i can't be the black sheep.
i know yan is busy with a lot of things right now, can hardly see her,may her spirit be with us.

recording is almost finished, but still a very very tight schedule, but i know we will work it out.
song writing is going to be concentrated on soon, and that is something that need 5 people to do together, i hope at that time......we will be tight as we used to.

as the vocalist of D.M.C said "no music, no dream", i will say "no dream, no music"

jan curious

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