Tuesday, 4 November 2008

home coming strawberry

a beautiful afternoon, soft green field, in the arm of love... ...that was my jam fest experience. seeing new and young talents inspired me to explore even more, satisfaction will only stopped the process of evolution. some of us grew up and stop asking question, cant be bother to think after a whole day of thinking at work. if those happened on a musician or an artist will be a tragedy.

i wish i never grow up or getting old, and start thinking about the past or the moment of my peak. life is a search of our own peak and there is no highest peak. when we reached a peak, we search for another higher one. that is the mission of being alive...and i remember my mom ask me, "your music is too strange, who will like it?" i replied, "my audiences are not born yet." i will keep on searching as body is still alive, when i m dead, my spirit will keep on observing what i did.

we played an old song "strawberry" in jam fest. a lot of friends want us to play it again as they said it was their favourite. but we dun wanna look back, so what we did is to recompose the song. that night in jam fest, i found a new n higher peak for "strawberry". 

love you all,
jan (is still) curious (about everything)

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