Thursday, 23 October 2008

A memorable date!

3 years ago, it was the first show for us, CCM at Section 2 with our school uniforms!

Time really pass like the Toilet water (Ha.. I know this is not a cool metaphor), and we all still stick together, including the band members and also our lovely friends who are just like the members in the band. 
So we're hitting November soon, it is going to be a crazy busy month for us, since there's almost one gig a week, Jam Fest, Underground, Respect Live, the show with the Yours in the end of the month... Let's stay awake and enjoy all these moments together, from the past few shows, I think we all learned a bit about everything (the sound, the set...) and let's keep it on, because we all know how good does it feel after giving a good performance rather than just a "so so" performance. Remember the night at the Edge? (to Mic and Jan), it was the coolest feeling ever, I felt happy with what I did and also for how the audience react, so let's try to make all the gigs as memorable as we could and meanwhile, let's make our time more worth while, this is the youth!! 


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