Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I believe, and still believing

Being in an indie band in this city is never easy, if you’re trying to kick some real asses it’s even harder. As an amateur band money is always a problem, and I’d say, a main one. The rent for studio, the transportation fee for gigs (with gigs mostly on the island side the tunnel has been charging us a lot), the recording fee, and the production cost for records (which reaches an amount of 5 digits) and more, are killing us, and have made us one of those who live under the poverty line. I know it’s discouraging to keep delivering our talents and at the same time keep giving out cash. Who’d love to make such a stupid deal?! Well, we did, we do, and probably we would be. We’re not dumb asses, we keep doing it because we all know how invaluable the intrinsic reward is. As an indie band, it’s never easy to be on stage, to be selling records and to be recognized. But things won’t be as treasurable if they come too easily. “No pain, no gain” It’s cheesy but always true.

Stress has been surrounding the band lately. The financial problems, the record progress, the bassist recruitment plus the daytime job stress have been tormenting everyone. You can say if you give up everything and stay ordinary, life will be easier. But at the same time you’ll be just losing an important part of your life, of your youth, and of your green days. Brothers, stay young and stay true. Remember what we said, “running smooth is never our style”. Take a look at what we’ve been working on, and what we’ve achieved. It’s not something very big but at least we’ve made something. Don’t ever think of giving up again, that’s an idea exclusive for losers.

I still believe some days we’ll be able to achieve something beyond our own imaginations, and what we have to do is to just keep working and keep trying. Things will come to us, as they’re meant to be.

The day will come, I believe, and still believing.

Mike Orange

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