Sunday, 6 June 2010

An awesome "Le French May" night

We're having a great time at Le French May at Queen Elizabeth Stadium tonight. Tho our performance wasn’t perfect, the flow of the performance is kind of tight, and we’ve got a very lovely crowd. What an awesome crowd.

Pretty happy with the Le French May arrangement for performing acts. Food, drinks, and a proper resting room at back stage have indeed helped a lot with our performance. With good preparations before the performance, We're all feeling pretty comfy on stage, tho some little technical problems appeared. It’s still quite cool in general.

One of the funniest things of the night was, we all had to rush down to the “autograph counter” to autograph right after our set. And before the rest of the guys got there, Kento was the only one sitting there, being surrounded by a pretty huge crowd with cameras, looking quite helpless.

Actually it's been a great time meeting the audience and getting to know how they feel about our stuff. Autographing is just a bonus to us (as we've never expected there'd be anyone who'd want to have our autographs). Having a chance to meet our audience is what really matters.

It's been a great time working with Le French May and Love Da Records. They've done a very good job on running the whole showdown, and have made everything go so smoothly. We really appreciate it.

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