Friday, 11 June 2010

Tai Mo Shan Adventure

Song writing didn't go too well tonight, as we were a bit tired, and not in good condition for music writing. We then decided to take a night off, and went out for a little refreshment. We brought along our acoustic guitars, and drove all the way to Tai Mo Shan at midnight. Up there the whole place was covered by fog, feeling a bit mysterious yet scary.

As an adventurous and curious team, we headed our way into the country park which covered in dark. With the fog and the street light, we're like being surrounded by flows of light and flare. Dreamy yet mysterious, reminded us of the Tim Burton's style. We then all posed and had fun with the camera, playing with the natural lighting, the fog and the flare. Kit think it looks a bit like Sunshine by Danny Boyle, while I think it's kinda Armageddon, or being on the surface of Mars. By the way, this picture is pretty awesome, isn't it?

Mike Orange

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